2018 Summer Session Dates

For registration assistance: Please email office@chefcamp.com or call (252) 489-5959

Co-ed Summer Residential Culinary Specialty Program For Teens Ages 13-18 (entering grades 8-12)          Participants must be at least 13 years old and have completed the 7th grade. 

Offered in 2-Week Sessions. Sessions begin on Sundays and end on Thursdays


Session 1  Sunday June 3 - Thursday June 14

Session 2  Sunday June 17 - Thursday June 28

Session 3  Sunday July 8 - Thursday July 19

Session 4  Sunday July 22 - Thursday August 2

Session 5 Sunday August 5-Thursday August 16

2018 TUITION  $2,400.00 per 2 week session.

All 2018 sessions are 2-weeks; camp is not offered in 1 week sessions, 2 week sessions may not be split

Check-In is 2:00 on Sundays. Check out is 2:00 on Thursdays 

Why Do Sessions End On Thursdays? Our intention is to help our families avoid the extensive traffic in the region, specifically on Fridays and Saturdays. The Outer Banks is a bustling tourism area in the summer, which happens to also be surrounded by (or enroute to) other popular tourist areas - which means that summer beach traffic (and specifically when combined with Friday commuter traffic) can easily add additional hours of drive time to the area.... Additionally, for those families adding vacation time as part of their pick-up travel, Thursday pick-up also allows for a full weekend together.

For registration assistance please email office@chefcamp.com or call (252) 489-5959