Participation Requirements

FOOD ALLERGIES:  Chef Camp is committed to providing a safe experience for all participants. Due to the nature of the culinary program, where participants will be handling/preparing/consuming/have exposure to a wide variety of foods, we are unable to safely accommodate individuals who have severe or life threatening food allergies.

Allergens which may be present at Chef Camp include, but are not limited to, peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, fish & shellfish.  

INDIVIDUALS WITH SEVERE/LIFE THREATENING FOOD ALLERGIES MAY NOT ATTEND _________________________________________________________________________________________________


Chef Camp strives to provide a positive camp experience for participants with various needs whenever possible. However, safe participation in the cooking activities, small-group living environment, and other recreational activities offered requires certain physical and mental attributes, and we are therefore limited in the types of accommodations we are able to provide. It is our desire to partner with parents and work together to determine if the Chef Camp experience will be positive and suitable for your child prior to their enrollment. As each teens ability to participate is unique, decisions to accept a camper are made on an individual basis. Please contact the camp prior to enrolling your child.

PHYSICAL HEALTH: All medical conditions must be under control prior to attending camp. Additionally, due to the specific nature of the camp activities, including swimming, Chef Camp is not suitable for those with epilepsy, seizure, or similar, disorders. Participants must be in good physical health, including being able to participate outdoors in the heat of summer. On site staff have training in first aid emergency care, however the camp does not maintain full time medical staff, such as a physician or nurse, on site 24/7. As such, we are unable to accommodate youth who require on-going medical attention or support. Again, please contact the camp prior to enrolling your child to discuss their specific needs.

COGNITIVE ABILITY: Participants must have the cognitive ability to follow multi-step directions and participate safely in cooking and recreational activities without assistance. Participants must be able to respond to directions given in and emergency situation and assist in their own evacuation if necessary. Participants must demonstrate ability to understand, participate in, and follow all safety rules.

MENTAL & EMOTIONAL HEALTH: Participants must be in good mental and emotional health and be able to function in a group setting in a positive way, with a cooperative manner that shows respect for self and others. Teens should have the emotional maturity to handle the sleep-away-from-home aspects of the camp program, including living independently in a group setting and taking care of ones personal needs.

Chef Camp is a structured program. Participants are required to stay with the group at all times. Teens who exhibit unwanted behaviors which warrant removal from group activities or are unable to consistently stay with their group/class in other settings, such as at school, due to emotional, social, or other issues should not attend.  For safety reasons, teens must be able and willing to follow all instructions.

For teens currently in the care of a mental health professional: we strongly encourage parents to consult with your care professional(s) prior to enrolling your child to attend camp. 

Chef Camp is not a rehabilitative or therapeutic program, and does not specialize in serving those with special needs, including emotional, social, or behavioral difficulties. 

ACCESSIBILITY: The camp rents a private residential "beach house" for the program. Housing is wheelchair friendly however may not meet all of your child's accessibility needs and/or may not otherwise be suitable for individuals with mobility or other challenges. Recreational activity areas, beach areas, and/or field trip locations may not be wheelchair accessible or otherwise suitable for those with mobility or other challenges. Again, it is our desire to try to accommodate participants to the best of our ability. As each teens ability to participate is unique, decisions to accept a camper are made on an individual basis. Please contact the camp prior to enrolling your child.

Failure to provide accurate information regarding participant’s allergies, disabilities or conditions prior to enrolling/attending may result in camper being sent home with no refund of fees.