Camp Life

MEALS: Chef Camp is a culinary specialty program utilizing various experiential teaching methods where young chefs are immersed in real-life, hands-on learning-by-doing! Participants will hone their cooking skills in real-life real-time situations as they operate the camp’s kitchen as “their restaurant” for the session and are responsible for all aspects of daily meal preparations. Participants are assigned to work as crews, sharing rotating responsibilities for everything from meal planning, budget management, and prep cooking to table setting, service, and sanitation.

COMMUNITY: Chef Camp is a small group enrollment program, accepting no more than 16 participants per session. Our small size enhances the quality of programming, and allows us to meet the needs of teens in an individual way. With a high ratio of staff-to-participants, we are able to provide personal attention in building culinary confidence and learning new skills. This small size also allows us to be intentional in building a community where participants share key experiences and quickly bond to become a close knit group that creates strong, positive relationships.

HOUSING: Participants stay in air-conditioned bunk rooms, complete with full bathrooms. Beds are standard bunk beds.  Participants are placed in bedrooms based on gender and age so interactions are socially & emotionally appropriate. Camp counselors are also present for direct supervision.

*As a measure of security, the specific street address is not included in promotional materials available to the general public. Parents will be provided with additional information, along with driving directions, after their child is fully enrolled.

ROOMMATES: For friends who want to attend together, we accept buddy requests for sleeping room assignments. Buddy requests must be mutual, and of the same gender. The maximum number of friends who will be housed together in the same room as a “buddy group” is 4. Older teens who request younger buddies may be bunked with a younger group in order to accommodate the request.  Buddy requests should be made with your registration OR you may email your request to Please contact the camp for questions or special requests.

BEACH FUN!: Taking a relaxing unstructured break from the kitchen and enjoying the beach, pool or other non-culinary activity is scheduled daily. Aquatics activities (including ocean swimming) take place at guarded public facilities and are supervised by certified lifeguards.