So about our kitchen facilities….at Chef Camp, we do things a little differently … but there truly is a “method to our madness”!…

The Chef Camp Home Kitchen – Cooking Skills To Use At Home: We know that part of your child’s success will be in being able to come home and recreate the foods, cooking methods, and kitchen skills they learned after the camp session is over. We recognize that, after camp, most of our aspiring chefs are going to be cooking in their own home kitchens for their families and friends. And, that most don’t have commercial kitchen equipment in their homes….

Further, we know that becoming a great chef doesn’t require costly equipment! And, we never want lack of access to expensive (and usually unnecessary) kitchen equipment to be a barrier to enjoying cooking and participating in the culinary arts for anyone (…we also know that the last thing you need is for your child to return home and announce they can’t make something because you don’t have a thousand-dollar-whatsit in your kitchen…)

As such, we intentionally utilize a typical home kitchen and standard equipment usually found at home in our “home base” culinary instruction. The “Chef Camp Home Kitchen” concept helps ensure participants can take those skills learned at camp home, and continue to experience cooking success after camp!

Additionally, when not cooking at the “home base” kitchen, participants gain exposure to commercial kitchen settings and equipment through the field trips and restaurant tours.