Typical Day

One of the awesome things about Chef Camp is that this is no such thing as a “typical day”! In fact, there is so much going on it’s often hard to fit it all in!

DAILY MEALS: Just like in cooking school, our participants eat what they cook! Teen-chefs participate in hands-on cooking, in real-life-real time, as they take turns as the Chefs operating the camps kitchen as “their restaurant”. Teen -chefs are assigned to crews (typically 3-4 campers in each crew group) where they take turns working together on the various daily meal-service responsibilities. Responsibilities include meal planning, cooking, clean up, table setting/ service. Assignments rotate throughout the week – so for example, teens who cooked breakfast one day may be responsible for clean up or table setting the next morning.

Typically, participants in the crew assigned to cook arrive in the kitchen about an hour before the meal time and begin preparing food, followed by campers in the set up & service crew meeting in the dining area. While the meal is being prepared, teen-chefs in the other crews work on menu planning, budgeting, and preparation for their next upcoming cooking assignments. All campers eat together as a group. After the meal, those assigned to clean up take over, etc. This rotation system allows for plenty of hands-on experience as well as small-group leadership opportunities for each teen-chef. When the program has campers away from the “base camp” house during meal times, such as a field trip to a restaurant, etc., campers will eat at the field trip location.

When considering the camp’s schedule, it’s important to remember that at Chef Camp preparing and eating meals ARE key program activities! …far more than “just” meals or simply breaks “in-between” program activities! Teen-chef’s eat the meals they prepare- complete with culinary critique reviewing such things as flavors, textures – just as they do in the top culinary schools!


Please note that times are approximate, and that each day may vary based on the activities scheduled


7:00 AM Cooking crew rise & shine, brush teeth, showers.
7:30-8:30 Cooking crew preparing breakfast
7:30 All other camper crews rise and shine, brush teeth, showers.
8:00-8:30 Before breakfast crew tasks
8:30 Culinary Activity 1 = Breakfast
After breakfast clean up, crew tasks, clean-up living area
10:00 AM Culinary Activity 2 (may include culinary field trip location as scheduled)



11:30 If at “base camp” house: cooking crew preparing lunch, before lunch crew tasks
12:30 Culinary Activity 3 = Lunch
After lunch clean up, crew tasks
1:30-5:30 Afternoon Activities – Schedule will vary daily, to include the following:
  • Culinary Activity 4 (may include culinary field trip location as scheduled)
  • Daily “beach break”
5:30 If at “base camp” house: cooking crew preparing dinner, before dinner crew tasks
6:30 Culinary Activity 5 = Dinner
After dinner clean up, crew tasks
7:30-9:00 Evening Activity, snack
9:00 Showers, cell phone use time, quiet time (board games, cards, reading, etc.)
10:00 All campers are to be in their own living space, 10:30 lights out