Safety & Staffing


Chef Camp promotes learning, personal growth and fun in an environment committed to safety. The program implements recognized best practices, from staff qualifications and training to emergency management, and has made a commitment to best practices that specifically address the delivery of a quality program. While no environment is risk free, the camp follows industry practices including rigorous risk management processes to prevent illness or injury to participants.


Our focus first and foremost is on the quality of attention, support and care that your teen receives while attending. Counselors are selected for their maturity, caring attitude, ability to focus on the physical and emotional safety and well-being of the participants, genuine desire to work directly with youth, and be an appropriate role model. All staff go through an application and interview process, including reference checks. Additionally, staff are required to go through a criminal history background check, including a sex offenders background check.

Staff participate in a comprehensive pre-camp training program prior to the start of camp. This training includes topics on youth development, behavior management, how to handle topics such as bullying and homesickness, emergency first aid, conflict resolution and, how to instruct skills, etc., as well as topics specifically related to the culinary program and activities.


Chef Camp-Outer Banks is a small group enrollment program, accepting no more than 16 participants per session. There are always at least 3 Chef Camp staff in direct supervision with the group. In addition, the program also has culinary instructional staff or other program specialists working with the participants.


Chef Camp staff are trained in emergency first aid response. Should there be the need, local emergency rescue services are in quick proximity. Several urgent care facilities, as well as a hospital, are located a short distance from the camp.