Basic Info

The “Enrolled Campers” section of the website is intended for the parents of campers who are registered for camp. programs. This information serves as your “Parent Handbook” – a guide for summer camp preparations. If you are unable to find information or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the camp

Required forms in this “enrolled campers” tab on this website. Download, complete and BRING the forms with you to camp at check-in.

In order to keep your check-in process easy, we accept all forms at the time of camper check-in. This system prevents lost or missing documents, and also helps ensure that participant medical information is current at the date of attending. We only accept forms at check in; please do NOT mail or email forms to the camp prior to attending.

Forms Required For Every Camper:

AND IF bringing medication  from home to camp: Medication Permission Form

What If My Child Gets Sick Before Camp?

In order to help ensure the health and wellness of our community, we encourage parents to work with us to help keep communicable illness out of camp. It is for the broader health of all campers attending as well as our staff that these policies are in place.

Participants due to check in at camp who shows signs of illness, have an active cough or cold, or who have been exposed to someone with the flu, should stay home and contact their healthcare provider. Individuals who have been recently exposed to a contagious illness should also contact their healthcare provider prior to attending to ensure that the child will not get sick while attending, and/or bring a contagious illness to the camp. Teens who have been in contact with H1N1(“Swine Flu”) must remain at home for 7 days after the symptoms start, even if the child is no longer ill, before attending camp.

Campers are expected to arrive at camp free from lice and/or nits. Campers who arrive at camp with head lice, or who have been treated for lice but still have residual viable eggs present, will be excluded from attending. Parents are expected to assume their responsibility by not introducing lice into the camp community – prior to camp, please carefully check your child’s head.

Campers who are ill/injured prior to camp and unable to attend as a result: An alternative session will be offered whenever possible. If this is not possible, a refund will be made with written verification from a physician.

Check-In is 2:00 on Sundays. Check out is 2:00 on Thursdays 

Why Do Sessions End On Thursdays? Our intention is to help our families avoid the extensive traffic in the region, specifically on Fridays and Saturdays. The Outer Banks is a bustling tourism area in the summer, which happens to also be surrounded by (or enroute to) other popular tourist areas – which means that summer beach traffic (and specifically when combined with Friday commuter traffic) can easily add additional hours of drive time to the area…. Additionally, for those families adding vacation time as part of their pick-up travel, Thursday pick-up also allows for a full weekend together.

Personal Spending Money: We do not operate a camp store. Spending money for use on field trips is optional. If your camper does bring money to camp, it is their sole responsibility to safeguard his/her money. We do encourage the use of debit cards or re-loadable bank cards, rather than cash. The camp is not responsible for loss or theft.

Bringing Snacks/Drinks: Campers may bring snack items and drinks with them and we have no limitations on sending food in care packages.To help prevent attracting insects/rodents, please pack all snack items in re-sealable containers or zipper-top bags. We strongly discourage parents from sending energy drinks (such as Red Bull, Monster, etc). If bringing beverages, we encourage bottled water and sports drinks, as these will help keep your teen hydrated.

Laundry: Please pack adequate clothing for the stay. 2 week campers should pack enough for their full stay at camp. There is no laundry service for purchase.

Linens: Campers bring their own bed linens (pillow w/case, bottom sheet, top sheet, blanket) and towels to camp – be sure to pack bath towel(s) and a beach towel for swimming. Campers who fly to camp: The camp does supply bed linens & bath towel for campers who fly to camp, which is included in the fee for airport transportation. (Note that large Beach-type towels are not provided.)

Sneakers Are Required: For safety in the kitchen, sneakers (or approved closed toe chef shoes with non-slip soles) are mandatory footwear for all program activity areas. No flip flops, sandals, open-toe shoes or slipper-type shoes are allowed in the kitchen or when on field trips!

Attire: Our dress code is in place for reasons of safety and hygiene, primarily to reduce the opportunities for accidents in the kitchen. Shirts must completely cover the torso and bare midriffs are prohibited. Pants and shorts must be able to stay up without the use of hands. Length of pants must not be a tripping hazard. Shirts must be worn at all times, except when at the beach/pool. Long hair must be tied up whenever engaged in food service activities.

Lost & Found: Mark EVERY article of clothing and EACH personal belonging with your camper’s name! Parents are encouraged to check lost & found before departing camp on closing day. If your camper leaves a specific item that you would like returned, please call the camp office and the staff will attempt to locate it. Postage for returning lost and found will be billed to the parents. Lost and Found will be kept until August 30. Items remaining after that date will be given to a local charity.

The camp cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to a camper’s possessions for any reason. Please do not send valuable items. 

DO NOT BRING: Pets, firearms, ammunition, knives, fireworks, illegal drugs/drug paraphernalia, pornographic materials, (including video content loaded on electronic devices) cigarettes/tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, matches/lighters, or candles.


General Conduct: Making gestures toward, or verbally abusing/insulting anyone for any reason, including race, religion, gender, personal or physical attributes, disabling condition, intellectual ability, matters related to sexuality, creed, or national origin is not acceptable. Fighting, assault, threatening, intimidating, theft, willfully damaging property, or the endangering the well being of self or others will not be tolerated. Any other actions which are incompatible with the purpose and philosophy of the camp will not be tolerated. A participant found in violation will be subject to dismissal, with no refund of fees.

“Sneaking Out”: Campers are expected to remain in their own sleeping room after curfew. Campers who “sneak out”  after lights out are subject to dismissal, with no refund of fees.

Sexual Conduct: Sexual displays, intimate contact (including kissing, intimate touching, etc.), sexually suggestive behaviors, or sexually explicit language by or between campers is prohibited. A participant found in violation of this policy may be subject to immediate dismissal, with no refund of fees.

Smoking/Tobacco Use: Youth campers are not permitted to smoke, possess, or use any type of tobacco product. Smoking materials brought to camp will be destroyed. Infractions will result in disciplinary action, which may include dismissal from camp. There are no refunds of fees in this case. Campers who tamper with/disable smoke detectors will be dismissed from camp with no refund of fees.

Illegal Drugs: The use, possession, being under the influence of, manufacture, distribution or sale of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. Additionally, providing illegal drugs to staff or other campers, or the possession of drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited. A participant found in violation of this policy will be subject to immediate dismissal, with no refund of fees, and may be turned over to the legal authorities.
Alcohol Use: The use, possession, or having a detectable presence of alcohol in one’s system, distribution or sale of alcohol, providing alcohol to staff or youth campers, while a participant is strictly prohibited. A camper found in violation of this policy will be subject to immediate dismissal from camp, with no refund of fees, and the camper may be turned over to the legal authorities.
POSSESSION OF WEAPONS: Possession of firearms or other weapons, including but not limited to look-alike guns, switchblades, box cutters, nun-chucks, fighting chains, objects with points or blades (such as throwing stars), ammunition, or any other object used with the intent of threatening or harming any individual is prohibited on camp property.
Search & Seizure: If there is cause to believe that a camper possesses tobacco products, drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or any other property possessed or concealed without authorization, camp administrators may search the camper’s possessions. The camp reserves the right to conduct searches without informing or including camper participants.


Just as in any job well done, camp staff enjoy being told that they are appreciated. Employees are not permitted to accept tips of money, or gifts exceeding a nominal value from campers/camper’s parents. If you do wish to give a gift, we encourage you to do something that can be shared by the staff, such as baked goods, candy, or gift cards of nominal value for items like coffee, subs, etc. Thank you cards, especially those made by the camper, are always an appropriate way to thank an individual staff member.


We want happy campers! We want to know! We welcome the opportunity to work with you to make things right!

 • Let us know as soon as possible if there is a problem! To be most effective in resolution of problems, we encourage you not to wait until fall…winter or next spring… to inform us!

The camp staff is committed to treating you, and your concerns, with respect and courtesy. We expect that parents will respond in the same manner as we work toward solutions.