Cell Phones & Money

In a group living environment such as camp, cooperation is essential and we find that teens are comfortable when they know what is expected of them up front, prior to attending. We do ask that parents discuss the policies prior to check in, and that both campers and parents agree to comply.

POCKET MONEY: We do not operate a camp store. Spending money for field trips is optional. We do encourage the use of debit cards or re-loadable bank cards, rather than cash- which can be easily lost. Teens are responsible to safeguard their own money.

CELL PHONES: While we do not encourage it, Chef Camp participants do have the option to bring their cell phone. However, we permit phones with the understanding that use is limited to designated times only. Cell phones may be used during the designated times only. This is a one-and-done policy; failure to follow use rules and/or failure to turn in a working phone will result in confiscation for the remainder of the session. Campers are to turn their phone in at camper check-in, and then will “check out” their phone for scheduled use times. Cell phones will remain in locked storage during non-use times. Parents who tell their child to keep/hide their phone, or send a “dummy” phone or phone “with no service” as a “decoy” will be fed to the sharks.

The camp does not provide WIFI.

All downloaded content on phones/electronic devices must be appropriate to be viewed by youth. Pornography is prohibited. Phones/devices with inappropriate content will be confiscated. The camp is not responsible for downloaded content – this includes what your teen watches or shares with others. Cell phones with cameras may not be used in restrooms, bedrooms, or changing areas.

Why Only Designated Use Times? It is our intention to offer teens an experience that includes healthy face-to-face social interactions. Being away is an opportunity for your teen to experience a world beyond home. This allows them to develop autonomy, independence, and a stronger sense of self. It allows them to make new friends, take responsibility for themselves and their teammates, problem solve, and mature a bit. We also know it’s healthy for teens to take a break away from the constant stimuli of technology.

Cell phones can be a HUGE distraction to the program, as they take teen’s attention away from the activities. With tuition paid, we assume you want your teen participating fully in the program activities – not spending their time texting, tweeting, posting, and playing video games….

Further, while we understand that parents are well-intentioned in providing a cell phone for their teen while they are away, there are various issues raised in a camp environment which we encourage you to consider before sending a phone with your teen-

Teens using cell phones while attending may compromise security – potentially endangering themselves or others. The camp has no control over who your teen may communicate with, in what format, or how often, and may attract the attention of individuals who may not have the best interest of your child in mind. Cyber-bullying has added another reason to limit use.

Additionally, cell phones are easily stolen, lost or damaged. With the high cost of many phones, we highly encourage parents to consider the costs associated with replacement.

ELECTRONICS: Radios, CD players, MP3 players, ipods, handheld game systems, ipads, e-readers, and similar devices are allowed, provided that  ALL video content is appropriate for other teens (who may be younger than your child) in the program.

Devices may be used during free time. Teens may not use devices at activities or meals. Music that contains inappropriate content or has a “parental advisory” warning may not be played, as participants other than your child may listen. Any video content on devices must be appropriate for any child within viewing range to see. Rules of use will be strictly enforced, and devices may be taken from campers who are unable to comply.

The camp is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damages, regardless of the circumstances