Flying To/From Camp

For an additional fee, arrangements may be made for airport pick-up of campers who are flying to/from camp from the Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk Virginia. The airport is approx. 2 hours drive time from the camp. Fees are $100 round trip, $50 one way.

RESERVATIONS FOR AIRPORT PICK-UP: Reservations for airport transportation service are to be arranged at LEAST two weeks in advance of child attending camp. Shuttles are scheduled based on need, and are not continuous. If you do not make a reservation, there will not be someone at the airport to meet your child. The fee must be paid at the time of reservation.

As we have to schedule both drivers and vehicles, we are unable to guarantee pick up/drop off service for those who do not book within the 2 week prior to attending camp time frame. If you are making a late reservation, you must contact the camp prior to booking a flight to ensure that we will be able to accommodate your needs!


Sunday Arrival flights: When possible, please try to select flights which arrive at the airport after 12:00 and prior to 6:00 pm.

Thursday Departure flights: When booking flights, please remember that it will take 2 hours to drive from the camp to the airport, and that campers must check in 2 hours in advance of a flight – for a total of 4 hours time required prior to the flight time. (For example, a camper with a 2:00 flight must depart camp by 10:00 am)
Prior to purchasing tickets, please check the unaccompanied minor policies of the carrier, and be sure you are in compliance! The airline will deny your child boarding if they are booked on flights in violation of their policies!   
If departing child has a connecting flight: Please schedule the departing flight from the airport for the morning, so that in the event of a delay or bad weather there are options to change flights in order to make the connection. This may require an early morning departure from the camp, however this is preferable to a missed connection.
For Campers Flying As Unaccompanied Minors: If the unaccompanied minor program requires that you provide the name of the staff person picking up your child: Staffing assignments are made one week in advance of the pick-up date.

Picking Up Campers Arriving to Camp: Campers flying on their own will be met at baggage claim. Procedures to pick up campers flying as unaccompanied minors vary by airline. Please note that some of the airlines will escort unaccompanied minors to a special “holding” area and may add a delay in our staff picking up your child.

Departing Campers: Whenever permitted by airport security, camp taff will go with your child through security to the gate and remain with them until flight departs. While this is our intention whenever possible, please be aware that airport security may prohibit camp staff from escorting campers to the gate. In these cases, campers flying as Unaccompanied Minors will be checked- in with the airline per their procedures and the airline is then fully responsible for your child.

EMERGENCY FUNDS: Please be sure to provide your child with cash (suggest $35 -$50) in case of flight delays. They may have to eat meals while waiting for a delayed connecting flight, etc. Place this money in an envelope, marked for this purpose, so camper does not get it confused with other spending money. Upon arrival at camp, child is to turn the envelope in to the office, to be returned to the child at flight departure.

PROPER IDENTIFICATION: Please be sure your child has the proper identification as required by the airline & TSA security, such as a valid passport or official state-issued photo ID. If you are not sure that your child has the correct form of identification, please contact the airline.For campers who only have departing flights home from camp: Please be sure to provide the camp with your child’s ID (along with emergency funds, cell phone, cell phone charger, etc) at check-in so these items are secure.

CAMP FORMS & MEDICATIONS: Please be sure to pack your child’s health form & waiver form! And, if your child is bringing medication, be sure to include medication permission form, and to place all medications in a zipper-seal bag. Please place all of these items in your child’s carry-on luggage (and to tell them so they can find it when they get to camp).

LINENS PROVIDED: Campers who fly are not required to bring pillow, bed linens or bath towel; these are provided by the camp at no additional charge. (The camp does not provide beach towel)

IF YOUR CHILDS FLIGHT IS DELAYED/EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS ON THE DAY OF THE FLIGHT Please CALL the CAMP OFFICE as soon as possible If your flight problem requires immediate attention, please call – do not use email!