Here at camp, it is our goal to partner with families to create the best camp experience possible. When you place your child in our care, we take that responsibility seriously- because it is a serious responsibility. And to make the partnership work, we need parents/guardians to step up and be responsible on their side too.

We understand that sometimes stuff happens – like walking out the door and your child’s medication is still sitting on the kitchen counter when you get to camp to check in….Or your kid rolled through poison ivy two days before camp started….

But sometimes parents contribute to – or even create- challenges for their child and/or the camp.

So here are a few reminders to help you better prepare, and make responsible decisions, for your teen to enjoy a great camp experience:

-SEND YOUR CHILD’S MEDICATIONS: If they take something every day at home, they should be taking it every day at camp. Very specifically, if your child takes medication for allergies, asthma, anxiety, attention deficit, or other behavioral or psychological issues, please send the medication with your child. Attending camp is not the time to stop or change medication.

-DON’T MAKE CHANGES IN YOUR CHILDS MEDICAL CARE RIGHT BEFORE CAMP: If at all possible, please do not stop medications, start new medications, or make significant changes in your childs medical care right before camp. If your childs medical conditions are not under control when its time to attend camp, please contact the camp to arrange to attend another session.

-DON’T SEND A SICK CHILD TO CAMP: As an overall rule, sick children don’t have fun at camp- and we will probably have to call you to drive back to the camp and pick up your sick child anyway…. We also ask that parents be considerate of the other children and our employees and refrain from sending a child who has, or has been exposed, to a contagious illness to camp. Please keep your child at home and call the camp to arrange to attend another session.

-ADDRESS FOOD ISSUES & BRING SPECIAL FOOD IF NEEDED: If your child has a dietary restriction, eating disorder, or nutrition issues, please contact the camp before your child attends. And plan to bring additional food to supplement meals so that your childs nutritional needs are met appropriately for the duration of the session. While we will try to work with you to the best of our ability, the camp cannot meet the needs of certain diets and restrictions.

Remember: Due to the nature of the culinary program, where participants will be handling, preparing, and eating a wide variety of foods, INDIVIDUALS WITH SEVERE/LIFE THREATENING FOOD ALLERGIES MAY NOT ATTEND CHEF CAMP

Chef Camp is committed to providing a safe experience for all participants. Due to the types of cooking and other food-related activities conducted in the program we are unable to safely accomodate individuals who have severe or life threatening food allergies. Allergens which may be present at Chef Camp include, but are not limited to, peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, fish & shellfish.

-DISCLOSE ALL OF YOUR CHILDS MEDICAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES: Your childs physical, and emotional, safety are of the utmost importance to us! But we cant do our job if we don’t have all of the information. Failing to tell us about your childs medical conditions or psychological needs does not help us best serve your child; rather it can hinder us in providing your child with the best care and experience. Please be honest with us regarding your childs issues and needs.

-IF YOUR CHILD HAS ASTHMA, SEND ALL OF THEIR MEDICATIONS, EQUIPMENT, AND A MANAGEMENT PLAN:  This includes, but it not limited to, inhalers, nebulizer & equipment, peak flow meter, spacer, etc. And bring ALL medications they may take for daily AND emergency use- prevention and rescue. Yes, this includes even if your child has occasional or mild asthma. Pretty much every asthma trigger there is exists in the great outdoors at camp. While your child will be inside for several hours during cooking sessions etc, this is NOT a 100% indoor experience where your child will be sitting in air conditioning all day breathing filtered air….

-SEND ENOUGH CLOTHING: Camp program goes on rain or shine – so your camper may need a change of dry clothes daily. And a second pair of sneakers to wear while the other pair dries out…. There are no laundry services provided by the camp. Two week campers MUST pack enough for the duration of the two week session.

-PROVIDE GOOD EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION: We get it – you are going on that cruise ship while your teenager is attending camp…. BUT Please don’t leave us in the care of your child without emergency contact information, and phone numbers that actually reach someone…  Your child will be with us 24/7, so be sure we can get in touch with someone 24/7. And be sure to talk to the people you list as emergency contacts so that they understand their responsibilities in the event they are called – including possibly coming to camp to pick up your child.