Intern/Academic Credit

Chef Camp provides great opportunities to earn academic credit for college & graduate students! As an outcomes-based youth development program, we are a perfect setting for internships, field study, practicums, independent study, completion of project-based credit requirements, contact hours, and other types of requirements for academic credit.
Academic Credit At Chef Camp Is Compatible With The Following Areas Of Study:
  • Culinary – all topics
  • Marketing/Advertising- various
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Nutrition
  • Youth Development
  • Have another idea?…let us know!

Students who desire to earn academic credit at camp are required to complete an application, interview, and background check process, and must adhere to all policies in the same manner as camp employees. Remuneration may be provided when permitted by the educational institution. Room & board is provided for summer interns living on site during the summer camp season, for no additional fee. Tuition charges/fees to the educational institution are the requirements of the student.

We are happy to work with your college or to set-up your opportunity to academic credit! Please contact for additional information! Educators are also encouraged to contact us!